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Community control of scabies

There is no recent estimate of the extent and prevalence of endemic scabies in Aboriginal communities across Canada. As in other parts of the world, epidemics tend to follow a cyclical pattern, occurring every 15 to 30 years. For the most part, health care workers treat symptomatic cases and contacts as they present. This approach, while eradicating symptoms in patients, often does little to alter the overall prevalence of scabies infestation within a community. If you are not sure what scabies symptoms would entail, see below or on symptom checker on for more information. Once you have verified the symptoms, you should definitely seek medical help. It is highly contagious so take care not to pass it on whenever possible. Only by introducing mass treatment programs for a whole community, within a short period of time, may the prevalence of infestation be reduced. Studies have shown that this is possible by using either permethrin or ivermectin (ivermectin is not licensed for use in Canada). When properly applied, 5% permethrin (Kwellada-P Lotion, Reed & Carnick, Canada; Nix Dermal Creme, Glaxo Wellcome, Canada) has been found to be as effective as ivermectin. The advantage of ivermectin is that it is a one dose, oral medication.






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