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Control measures for Scabies:

Prophylactic therapy is essential for all household members, especially because signs of scabies may not appear for two to three weeks after contact. The following control measures are recommended.

  • To prevent reinfection, treat all household members at the same time as the patient is being treated.
  • All bed linen (sheets, pillow cases, blankets) and clothing worn next to the skin (underwear, T-shirts, socks, pants) should be laundered in a hot cycle wash and hot drying cycle.
  • If hot water is not available, place all linen and clothing into plastic bags and store it away from the family for five to seven days. The mite does not survive beyond four days without skin contact.
  • Children may return to day care or school the day after treatment is completed.
  • Health care workers who have close contact with scabies patients may require prophylactic treatment.
  • Community education (ie, early recognition and awareness of scabies) is recommended.

In widespread scabies epidemics, prophylactic treatment of the whole community may be optimal






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