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Some tests to confirm the diagnosis for scabies:

  • Skin scrapings. Your doctor collects material from the itchy area by applying a drop of mineral oil or other liquid to the skin and then scraping the area with a scalpel. He or she then examines the scrapings under a microscope to look for scabies mites, eggs, egg casings, or feces. This is the most common test used to diagnose scabies.
  • Ink test or ink burrow test. Your doctor strokes a washable felt-tip pen across the itchy areas. The surface ink is wiped off with water or an alcohol swab. Any burrows present will absorb the ink and be seen as a dark line.
  • Skin biopsy/punch biopsy. A skin sample (punch biopsy or shave biopsy) may be helpful in diagnosing difficult-to-diagnose conditions. Skin biopsy is rarely used.
  • Needle extraction of the mite. On rare occasions, a needle is used to remove a mite from the burrow. The mite is placed on a slide and examined under a microscope.





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